Corporate social responsibility

We’re committed to protecting what matters most to our community.

Corporate social responsibility

AHI’s purpose, to protect what matters most, is about more than just words. It’s about taking responsibility for the effect our operations have on the environmental and social well-being of our community, and creating initiatives to benefit all.

Guided by our purpose and our values, we focus on protecting the health and livelihood of our customers and the people to whom they matter most.

As part of our broader corporate social responsibility activities, we want the AHI team to actively live and engage in our values at work and within the community.

That means making sure we provide a safe, inclusive and inspiring working environment for all our staff.

It also means seeking out opportunities to work with other organisations that share our values and aspirations. We've spent our 25+ years covering the cost of the Corporate Travel cover that protects people living their "wishes" at the Make a Wish Foundation, because we're not just an insurance company, we believe we form part of the foundations for our community of brokers and customers to live life their way.

AHI’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is absolute, because we believe that the best way to understand and protect what matters most to our community is to play an active role in supporting it.

Since our inception, we have dedicated our business to enabling people and organisations to achieve their goals with the confidence that we have them covered when things go wrong. We cover individual Tradesmen through to larger corporations with our market leading Personal Accident and Sickness cover, Expatriate and Corporate Travel cover, as well as volunteers helping within their local community. Our community know they're in safe hands because we've had them covered for more than 25 years. From lost baggage and physical injuries to mental health support and giving comfort to families during the repatriation of mortal remains - we're with our customers through every stage of their life journey.