Tips for long distance travellers

Long-haul flights the right way. Follow our simple tips to feel a little better after a long plane journey.

Make long plane journeys more pleasant with a few simple tips:

Exercise your muscles and joints

Do frequent leg exercises, move around the cabin, stretch and take deep breaths regularly while seated.

Get hydrated and eat light

The air in a plane cabin is extremely dry. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to prevent dehydration. Also stick to lighter meals, as this will help prevent bloating.

Don’t oversleep

It’s not good for your body and will make fighting jet lag more difficult. Try chatting to the person next to you, use in-flight entertainment or read a book instead.

Get on the new local time

As soon as you get on the plane, set your clock to the local time at your destination. Think, live and sleep by the new time if you can, as this will help reduce jet lag.

Take an extra jumper on board

Flight attendants will provide you with a light blanket, but on long flights the temperature can drop quite low. Be prepared for the worst by carrying an extra jumper on board with you.