Bracing for Future Impact

The chaning face of the accident and health sector

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Accident and health insurance continues to change at a rapid pace – so how can brokers ensure they’re staying up-to-date? Monica Flesser of AHI gives Inusrance Business an overview of progress in the industry.

Insurance has often been viewed as a transactional relationship – providing a policy to a customer and then processing a claim further down the line if necessary. But AHI has been putting increased emphasis on developing the customer relationship beyond this transactional phase and putting clients at the heart of company operations.

“We openly state that our purpose, ‘Protecting what matters most’, is about more than just providing insurance,” says Monica Flesser, Queensland team leader and senior underwriter at AHI. “It means understanding the needs of our customers, providing advice, and using our knowledge and expertise to help them avoid loss.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the accident and health space, Flesser takes pride in her ability to give brokers and their clients peace of mind. She sees her role as providing tailored risk advice, as well as advice on the appropriate level of cover. Providing quality education and training to brokers is an integral part of this process, and it’s a personal reflection of AHI’s wider focus on professional development. 

Today’s clients expect brokers to provide advice on how to improve risk management practices and ultimately reduce their insurance costs – it’s no longer just about the cheapest option on the market.

With that said, Flesser doesn’t expect brokers to be instant experts in the accident and health category. In a recent training webinar, AHI educated more than 1,600 brokers in the travel and expatriate risk management space.

“It’s why we work closely with them – and our mutual clients – so they can better identify and mitigate risks,” Flesser says.

“This partnership approach is a great way for brokers to better aid their clients.” It’s a quality that Flesser believes has kept brokers returning for her services over the years. “Brokers have clients with a diverse
range of coverage requirements, and I believe that’s why many so many of them continue to work with me – they know AHI can offer best-in-market coverage for their specific needs.”

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