AHI / EML Partnership

AHI / EML partnership to enhance customer experience and create better outcomes.

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AHI and EML join forces to create better outcomes for customers.

As an organisation that’s been in operation for two decades, AHI counts its knowledge of the accident and health market and its deep understanding of clients as important differentiators.

To ensure it remains competitive, the company periodically reviews its policy wordings, processes and procedures to ensure they are frequently exceeding market expectations. Additionally, AHI holds regular consultations with clients and key industry groups alike to discuss insurance requirements. These aren’t just for show; they are directly geared at preparing for and assessing future trends in the market. “For example, extensive research into our customer expectations showed offering adjacent services was high on our customers’ agenda,” Renato Foenander, Deputy CEO and Head of Claims explains. “In particular, many employer groups told us of their desire for integrated personal injury claims and workers’ compensation management reporting.”

This led to AHI entering into a joint claims service offering with EML, an organisation with an established reputation in managing workers’ compensation claims. EML has been an agent for Worksafe Victoria for two years, and since the start of 2018 has been the single claims agent for WorkCover. AHI will still manage and process the large majority of its claims in-house, but its personal accident and claims management team will draw on EML’s processes and network to help improve outcomes for claimants.

“This partnership is really about us leveraging some of the best practice of statutory claims processes in a non-statutory environment,” Foenander says. “It will result in alignment between the reporting processes for work and non-work-related injuries.”

While the majority of claims generally involve a simple dollar transfer, more complex claims often require the input of multiple stakeholders to achieve a successful outcome. “In personal accident claims, you could be dealing with the claimant, return-to-work coordinators, rehabilitation providers, independent medical specialists and employers,” Foenander says. “By bundling the personal accident and workers’ compensation claims with EML injury management processes, organisations can both save time and receive a far better understanding of their risk exposure.”

Having said that, Foenander emphasises that access to decision-makers will always remain a core value proposition for AHI clients. The ultimate beneficiary of this alignment, he says, will be those who have suffered from a non-work-related accident or illness. “The ability for organisations to have one group managing personal accident and workers’ compensation claims enables a clearer picture of risk,” he says. “This data can be used to drive proactive solutions for worker health and safety.”

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