AHI Assist welcomes new service providers

Australasian Assistance and PACE First supporting AHI Assist emergency response for travellers and expatriates.

AHI and AHI Assist have partnered with Australasian Assistance and Pace First for medical and security assistance while you are overseas.

AHI Assist’s medical and security providers who support our Travel and Expatriate policy holders have changed following Dynamiq’s decision to withdraw their services in the market.

AHI has always partnered with best in class providers to ensure our customers’ needs are met. Beneath AHI Assist sit carefully selected AHI Assist Partners who are experts in their niche service categories.  Effective from the 3rd of December, AHI Assist’s main partners for medical and security assistance are:

  • Australasian Assist – providers of general and medical emergency assistance. Read more
  • PACE First - providers of emergency security services. Read more
  • Doctoproviding trusted access to international “telehealth” services. Read more

Australasian Assistance have been providing travel and medical assistance to a number of AHI’s policy holders, and have now become the preferred travel and medical emergency assistance provider of AHI Assist. Australasian Assistance are highly respected in the industry and AHI’s senior claims staff have worked closely with their directors, owners, senior nurses and case managers for more than 20 years.

In partnership with Australasian Assistance, Pace Security will now provide security assistance services to travel and expatriate policy holders. Their experienced security responders located right across the world are ready to assist with security incidents or concerns at any time of the day or night, and in any location. 

Docto, Australia’s first online hospital, will remain AHI’s telehealth provider. With the excellent feedback received about Docto from AHI’s policy holders who say around-the-clock access to an Australian-trained emergency physician is of real benefit when they’re trying to navigate medical providers in an unfamiliar location. 

As is the case currently, AHI Assist will continue to work with other assistance providers as may be required by a client.

If you have any questions about AHI Assist services or providers, please don’t hesitate to contact your Underwriter, Claims Manager or make an enquiry online.